drbeckmansYou might find that your washing doesn’t smell as fresh as you’d like these days and the washing machine might be looking dull inside the drum. A great way of dealing with this and giving your washing machine some TLC is to run a washing kit through it from time to time.

Experiencing this problem ourselves prompted me to write this as it’s always better to care for your appliances where you can and hopefully avoid having to call us out to do a repair.

At home we were suffering from stale smell coming from the washing machine so we tried a Dr Beckmans washing machine cleaner and it worked a treat. The machine looks and smells cleaner and the washing definitely smells fresh again. The kits cost about £4.50 from the Co-op (we are in Jersey) I haven’t looked in other supermarkets but I’m sure they have them too, and they’re easy to use; just pour the stuff in and run the machine empty – but please always check and follow the instructions on the box – just in case!